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Q: How do I purchase bulk charms?

A: You can now purchase charms through out the entire website and see the discounts applied at the end...Just add the charms you want to the cart and when you checkout, you will see the discounts apply...You must purchase 100 charms in order to see the discounts.

Q: Can I make a custom charm?

A: Yes, we can make just about anything! If you would like to send us the image before you make a purchase, we can tell you beforehand if the image will work for the charm you are wanting. Once you are ready, use the "Create Your Own" charm category and purchase the amount you want...However, we do NOT make major trademarked items any longer...please do not send those to us...thanks!

Q: Can you design the charms for me?

A: We will do simple designs, such adding a name to the charm in a certain color, but we do not do extreme designs. If you would like to ask us about a certain design you have in mind, we will be more than happy to see if it is something we can do.

Q: Can you ship my charm faster?

A: No, we are not able to make the resin cure any faster. All charms take 24 to 48 hours to cure. We only make the charms when you make the order...
You can upgrade the shipping to Priority Mail for an additional charge upon checkout if you want the post office to deliver faster. Our free shipping is First Class Mail...

Q: I want a certain image and you don't have it?

A: If you will send us your request, we will try to add the images to the site.

Q: Are there any charms you won't make?

A: Yes, we are no longer allowed to make anything that is major trademarked.

If you have a suggestion or would like us to add a certain image to the website, please contact us!